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This web-service allows users to re-create the composition of the European Parliament for any particular time period that they may be interested in. The data originates from the European Parliament webpage, but is here presented in a format that facilitates statistical analysis.

We provide an online ‘live’ source of background information about MEPs that is tailored towards the need of the latter group. Our web page allows researchers to specify the time period in which they are interested and to obtain data on committee, party group and delegation membership, as well as leadership positions within seconds. As the collection of the data is fully automated, we are able to keep the data updated as long as the European Parliament (EP) continues its current practice of making background information about members available online.

The original work for this web-service is presented in Høyland, Sircar & Hix (2009). Please cite that paper when using data this web-service in research or teaching.

Bjørn Høyland, Indraneel Sircar and Simon Hix (2010)."An automated database of the European Parliament." European Union Politics 10 (1) 143 - 152.